There’s nothing like authentic music to turn your good night into a great night; with traditional jazz flourishing and improvisations, offbeat accents and swung rhythms, your guests are sure to be encouraged to enjoy the atmosphere with smiles and dancing. Not only that but, with The Talent’s jazz and swing band for hire in London, your attendees are absolutely guaranteed to be entertained throughout the evening and take away lasting memories.

Authentic Jazz & Swing Instrumentals

From the choice of songs and rhythms to their swing and sophistication, The Talent offer jazz band hire to create the ideal setting for energetic dancing, laid-back jazz or background dining music for your wedding party or corporate event. Our 3-12-piece jazz band for hire in London, as well as entertaining swing band can be augmented to include anything from double bass, soprano, alto and tenor sax and flute. This is in addition to vocals that provide ensembles of various sizes and combinations, all working together to perform the best jazz and swing, or indeed anything in between. For a rare treat for your guests, you could also embrace our 12-piece band for a true “wow factor”, or for an event that calls for a more tranquil ambience you can depend upon the 3-4-piece jazz band fore hire in London to complement any after dinner or drinks reception.

The Difference Between Jazz and Swing

Jazz music is often referred to as the child of blues and ragtime music and has a long standing history, especially in the United States of America. First appearing in 1910 in New Orleans, jazz has since evolved throughout the decades, giving rise to new forms from artists around the world. In the late 1960s, jazz-rock fusion was born, which consisted of rocking rhythms, stage amplifiers and a wide array of electrical instruments. The 1980s brought about smooth jazz, which can often be found on various radio stations today. It is often argued that the key element to jazz lies within improvisation, and The Talent’s jazz band for hire in London can do just that.

Swing music is the evolution of jazz. Popular in the 1920s and 1930s, the name is derived from the ‘swing feel’ experienced due to the off-beat emphasis that’s created. If you are looking for traditional music that your guests can get up and dance to, The Talent’s swing band for hire in London is sure to deliver a hypnotic rhythm that’s guaranteed to entertain. Incorporated alongside various other musical styles over the years, swing music paved the way for many new sub-genres, such as swingin’ pop, swing house and electro swing.

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