2017 presented us with many reasons to get our dancing shoes on and celebrate; and 2018 is no different!
Our performance in Abu Dhabi on NYE at The Emirates Palace allowed us to end last year with a bang, and we want to make sure this continues with plenty more reasons to party this year!

After all, we love having a good reason to party, and if World Party Day (April 3rd, 2018) doesn’t make you put your glad rags on, then take a look at these 18 reasons to get in the party mood.

1. Wedding of the Year

A good wedding is always a great excuse to get your party on and let your hair down. After the ceremony is over, you can grab yourself a drink and boogie along to the wedding band. Who knows, it may even be one of the best parties you attend this year.

And if you are getting married this year, then ever better! Make sure your entertainment is sorted (and you have some comfy shoes to change into) to ensure the party of the year.



2. Anniversary

Is 2018 the year you and your partner are celebrating a momentous anniversary celebration? If so, then is there ever a better excuse for a party?
Hire a venue, get a show-stopping party band, gather some friends, and you’ve got a night to remember.



3. A Big Birthday

Turning the big 5-0 this year? Maybe it’s the grand 21st? Whatever milestone you are reaching, surely this is a big reason to celebrate. The great thing about birthdays is that they happen every year, so there’s always a regular party – no need to wait for the next wedding.



4. Graduations

Throw that hat in the air – you deserve it! You know what else you deserve too? A big celebration, including some party-starting live music with your whole class. Class of ’18- sound pretty good!


5. Christenings

Christenings are not just a religious festivity; it’s also a time to gather family and friends and celebrate your little one’s life (and cuteness).


6. Baby Shower

A baby shower is a great time to celebrate. If you are the one who’s expecting, you may not be able to have a glass of wine, but you sure can have a dance and a slice of cake.



7. Engagement

An engagement is the time for you to revel in what’s just happened and celebrate you and your partners love. You are about to begin a lifetime of many celebrations, so get a party organised, hire a band, and don’t forget to show off your ring!


8. Leaving Party

Leaving is not always a negative thing – and certainly can be an excuse for a party. Know someone who’s off travelling for a while, or leaving current employment for a new epic journey, why not throw them an even more epic party?



9. Bar Mitzvah

The coming of age ritual is of course a reason to celebrate with family. Once the Bar Mitzvah ceremony is over, why not gather the community together and have a great day?



10. Welcome Home Party

Your partner or friend been away for some time? They may have been travelling or maybe they have been working away; whatever the reason, you could give them a proper welcome home with a party to remember.


11. Opening Business

Opening a business is a great time to make a big deal and get people knowing about a fabulous new business in the area. Have a celebratory party to remember with live music and a stupendous venue and people will be sure to remember your business.



12. Awards Ceremony

An awards ceremony is usually a huge celebration. People from far and wide will come to your event in the hope to bag an award. Be sure to put on a celebration that will be enjoyed and remembered by all.



13. Christmas

The majority of working environments have a Christmas ‘do’ and is a time for employees to enjoy some food, drink and some entertainment. Reward your employees by putting on some amazing entertainment such as a party band.



14. New Year

New Year is a time to bring in the year with a huge celebration. Think fireworks, friends and, of course, plenty of dancing. Start as you mean to go on, right? As a wedding band in Abu Dhabi, we brought the year in the right way in Dubai last year!



15. Charity Events

Raising money for charity can seem hard, but one way to make the crowd flock in is to hire a band. Tickets will be flying off the shelf for your event when they hear what entertainment you have lined up.



16. The Royal Wedding -19th May

No doubt you’ve heard that there is a big wedding happening this yea r- the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. What an excuse to hold a royal themed party! Whether a birthday, a wedding, or a corporate event, why not hold a party based around these royal nuptials?



17. Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision song contest act for the UK has now been chosen and we are all ready and waiting patiently to see what the results will be. Being held in Lisbon in May, this is a party to put in your diary!



18. Sporting Events

2018 is presenting us lots of sporting events - we’ve just had the Super Bowl, and we are amid the Winter Olympics. We’ve still got the Winter Paralympics, the French Open, the World Cup and much more to come. So why not pick your favourite and hold a party!



If you are looking for the perfect band to accompany your celebration, The Talent have you covered. We have celebrated many events with our valued customers and have been everything from a wedding band in Abu Dhabi to a party band in France.

We look forward to celebrating your event with you – whatever the reason and wherever the place. Got any questions? Simply get in touch with us.

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