Okay, so maybe you weren’t ‘born to boogie’, but why should that get in the way of having a great night and letting your hair down. Even if you tend to shy away from the dance floor when out in clubs or at the work Christmas party, at a big event like a wedding you might suddenly feel the urge to head out onto the dance floor.

Of course, the trouble is that all the time you’ve spent avoiding dancing has left you without any moves. Never fear! Here are a few classic dance options easy enough for anybody to pull off…

The Two-Step

Do you know how to step from side to side? If you do, then you also know how to two-step. A simple shuffle with your feet, making this work is all about bringing in the upper body! Get your fist in the air, make sure there’s a smile on your face, and start stepping in time to the music.


The Shoulder Shimmy

Talking about the upper body, how about getting the shoulders involved for a simple but impressive shimmy? All you have to do is shake your shoulders along with the music… and if it sounds simple, that’s because it is! This is also a good choice for anybody who gets easily worn out and prefers to stand, or sit on the side lines, since you don’t even have to get up to get your  feet moving to take part.


The Easy Shift

Now it’s time to put it all together – if you want something that’s just a little bit more complex, but still perfect for beginners, then the easy shift is definitely for you. This is great for parties and weddings, since it means that you’ll have some tricks ready for when you’re ambushed on the way to the buffet table and dragged out to dance.

All of these moves can be brought together throughout the night, leaving you with a humble but handy repertoire. The final thing to remember when you’re getting up to dance for the first time is that the single most important thing you can have is confidence: if you start to feel the beat and just go with it, nobody will notice the moves themselves!

With all these new moves to try out, you’ll probably be looking for any excuse to throw a party! If so, we can help you – as one of the top function bands in London, The Talent can provide the sound and the atmosphere for your event. Just get in touch today, online or at 0845 094 1162. You can also get more news, tips and updates by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter: see you there!

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