The weather has improved massively in the last week and everyone is enjoying the appearance of the sun and warm weather. Have you been out enjoying this rare occurrence?

Since you’re probably trying everything to stop yourself from overheating whilst it’s so warm outside, we thought we would throw some tunes at you that are guaranteed to cool you down on a hot summer’s day!



Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

What song would cool you down better than lyrics that repeatedly use the phrase “Ice Ice Baby?” We don’t think there is a better one out there, which is why this one tops our list of deliciously cool songs. Whilst Vanilla Ice hasn’t had too much success in his career, we are forever thankful to the lyrical genius for this brilliant hit! Also, without this song, we would never of had that amazing Jedward cover.


Frozen – Madonna

Too hot? Listen to a song about being completely frozen. Okay, so Madonna isn’t exactly singing about the weather (we think she’s harping on about heartbreak) but all that talk about being frozen is bound to make you feel the chill!

Lemonade – Danity Kane

What do you want more than a cold drink whilst it’s boiling outside? Girl band Danity Kane obviously feel our desperation, as their song titled ‘Lemonade’ leaves us all craving a tall glass of cold lemonade. In fact, as the last chorus kicks in, we are already half way to the kitchen in search of a refreshing drink! Looks like they did their job well!

Cold as Ice – Foreigner

As with the Madonna song that we included on our list, we are pretty sure that Foreigner aren’t singing about the weather. However, the repeated utterance of the words ‘cold’ and ‘ice’ have got to leave you feeling a little cooler right? This song is a classic – we suggest you have it on repeat whilst out enjoying the sun!

Let It Go – Frozen Soundtrack

You knew this was going to be on the list! Whether you love or hate Frozen, this sound is guaranteed to get stuck in your head after hearing it. If you’re feeling a little sweaty from the hot weather, and you really need to cool down, why not listen to a song that is all about embracing the cold weather and letting go? We hope that belting out the song doesn’t cause an eternal winter where you live, but if it does? The cold doesn’t bother you anyway!

Baby It’s Cold Outside – Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews

We thought we would finish our list of songs that can cool you down in a heat wave, with a song all about being cold. Baby It’s Cold Outside is a song written about, well, how cold the weather is outside. There is mention about the roar of the fireplace, and being inside in the warm. Just thinking about the cold weather gives us a little chill inside – we think we much prefer the sun!

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