When you think of an opening ceremony the first thing that comes to mind is probably the event before the main event, like the Olympics or an award show. Opening up a show doesn’t have to be just for international, televised occasions, however – everywhere around the world, in both small and large towns, local sports teams play in competitions, community events are held, fairs are organised... an opening ceremony is the perfect way to begin these types of events, as it sets the bar for everything that is to come!

Plan Your Ceremony

How do you want the opening ceremony to go? Typically, this is not a single event, since it can comprise guest speakers, unveiling new products or even making an announcement. It’s important that you ensure that you have a planned agenda, and that you begin to organise this well in advance, because you need to book the venue, the speakers, and other forms of entertainment. This is also the right moment to ensure that the ceremony is going to be fun! The worst thing that could happen is your guests being bored throughout the show, so making sure it’s enjoyable begins in the planning stage, when you have important decisions to make.

Choose and Decorate the Venue

When picking out the venue for your opening ceremony, you need to consider how many people are invited, as well as if the venue is the right place for the show. Sports events usually hold their opening ceremonies in stadiums or playing fields, for instance, as it’s easier to have it in the same place the rest of the event is being held. This doesn’t have to be the case. You just need to ensure that everyone will fit comfortably and have space to bust out a few dance moves if you’re considering hiring a live band.

Because opening ceremonies set the tone for the rest of the event – and get you pumped up for the rest of the event – you want it to be decorated accordingly. Whether you prefer it to be solemn or not, you should always prepare the space to receive your eager guests!

Entertain your Guests

Opening ceremonies always involve entertainment, usually in the form of music! Marching bands and dancers, background piano playing, live bands to get everyone on their feet – you have plenty of options choose from. Open up the appetite for the main event by picking out the right band choice for you and what comes next, be it with an acoustic duo, a jazz and swing band, or a Jewish wedding band.

Opening ceremonies are fantastic ways to start a show, as they get people excited and provide lots of fun moments! The Talent specialises in live performances for any event, so if you require live music to get everyone excited during your opening ceremony, contact us at any time to learn more about what we can bring to your show.

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