Whether it’s your wedding, a birthday, or a corporate event, when you are hiring a band, you are sure to want the best, and you certainly deserve the best. When looking for the perfect band to bring in the celebrations, there are some aspects you could be on the lookout for.

Certain occasions may require different features within a band; from the sound quality, to the characteristic and attitude, because you want everyone out on the dance floor. Look out for the following points to make your celebration a party not to forget.

Trust in the Music

Imagine booking a 5-star rated, 8-piece band, who have claimed to have 3 smash hits, but a 2-man band with one microphone and an iPhone turns up to play. Wouldn’t be very happy, would you?  Make sure communication and trust is clear and strongly registered when booking your band. Out of everyone, you know what you want and what you are looking for, so make sure you get it!


A strong part of a successful band is the professionalism. As mentioned above, you expect your hired band to be punctual, professional, and polite. You shouldn’t have to settle for less, and having a high quality and proficient team turn up to your event will help it be swift, smooth, and certainly stylish.

Man playing the bass guitar

Characteristic and Flare

A group of musicians with a dash of attitude, a pinch of sass, plenty of personality, and heaps of energy is bound to help your event or party. The willingness to mingle and liven up the party is in the job description for a party band; it’s not always just about standing and singing.

High-Quality Kit

When your band arrives, you expect all that fancy equipment. Whether you know how it works, or not, you still expect the pro kit to turn up. Obviously budget matters in regards to this but, no matter what, you wouldn’t be too pleased if 4+ musicians were tangled in wires plugged into one mini-amp. A high-quality sound is a given and this is an essential when looking for a band to hire.


Obviously, a reputation helps. But we can’t all hire Stevie Wonder or Elton John as the entertainment for our party. By knowing that the band has had some good reviews and feedback from previous clients, this will help your peace of mind, and make sure you know you’re getting the best of the best. Checking out the YouTube views, comments, and general online presence and interaction can be a good place to start.

Party crowd at a concert


This may seem like a given, but check out the capacity of the skill the band have. Check out the set of lungs on the singer, and the swing of the wrist of the drummer, so you know what to fully expect. Again, by checking out the band online and listening to demos and videos, you should be able get an idea of what genre and style the band reflect.

The Boring Stuff

Before any performing can begin, there is plenty to make sure the band have; such as the right insurance etc. This is the dull part of hiring a band, but if you make sure the factors such as finances, PAT tests and contracts are all in order, then the fun can begin. The band should also have a back-up plan for everything and take into consideration aspects, such as a band member being sick or not able to play.

When planning an event or a party, the decision on the band can be a tough one, but is also a vital one. To make for a perfect day, you need the perfect musical accompaniment and once you combine all the above points together, you'll have a flawless band for your event.

If you have an event just around the corner, and a band is the finishing touch, The Talent can provide band hire in London that meets all the above points, and more! With previous clients, such as O2 and the BBC, we will make sure there isn’t one person left not dancing. Get in touch today and we can make sure your party is the talk of the town.

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