After the vows and, of course, the dress, the music might well be the most important part of a wedding… after all, it’s the one thing which is guaranteed to get people on their feet and having a really good time! Since a wedding brings together guests of many different ages – your Nan is going to be dancing with your nieces – you need tunes that keep everybody in the mood, so coming up with a wedding playlist that suits everybody is a really crucial part of the wedding prep.

This doesn’t mean that every song has to appeal to everyone – although if you can find tunes that do then you’re on to a winner. What it does mean is that you need to span the generations, rather than spamming the crowd with nothing but your personal favourites. It’s never a bad idea to get some advice from the experts, and your wedding band will have played at enough different events to have picked up a few insider tips about what really works. You should always throw in a few of your own beloved tunes (it’s your wedding after-all!), however there’s nothing to be lost – and a whole lot to be gained – by appealing to the crowd.

Classic Dance Tunes with Catchy Beats

The staple for any great wedding reception is music to dance to – this is the one factor which should be the same no matter what song you pick. But while every song needs to get people up on their feet and in the groove, there are some which were practically created for this very purpose… and they should make up the bread and butter of your playlist!

The key with choosing pop songs to bulk out your list, is finding the tracks which are catchy and well-known enough to get people singing along even if they’re not really pop music aficionados. Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and A-Ha’s ‘Take on Me’ are both classic choices which will never feel out of place… but if you want more ideas, your band will be able to help you.

They’ll know which contemporary pop songs seem to go down well with the older crowd as well as the kids (Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ has been a recent crowd-pleaser), and they’ll know the classic tunes that are still adored by young people.

Golden Oldies that Aren’t Just for your Gran

Even if you pride yourself on up-to-the-minute music credentials, stripping your playlist of old tunes is not a great idea – weddings are all about family, and nothing beats the feeling of seeing a twinkle in your Grandparents’ eyes as they hear the song that they shared a dance to at their own wedding. Ask them to choose a song and make sure it gets played!

Of course, you can’t guarantee that the track they ask for will go down well with everybody else – so once they’ve had their moment, choose some other older tracks which have become timeless classics. Our top choices are The Beatles’ ‘Twist and Shout’ and Wilson Pickett’s ‘Mustang Sally’ – both old tracks which are still revered today.

Don’t leave it until the last minute to think about the all-important music at your wedding! As one of the top wedding bands in London, The Talent are a fantastic choice for making sure the playlist is pitch perfect – contact us online today or give us a call at 0845 094 1162 to chat about your options.

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