For those of youho appreciate great talent, you'll know we offer great cover and tribute bands for hire in London for all occasions. Everybody gets their inspiration and love of music from somewhere, whether it's from your parents, your friends or simply your love of good music. For some people that inspiration comes from the amazing world of the small screen, and there have been plenty of TV shows to help trigger their musical talents over the decades...


Top of the Pops – 1960's

Can any of you remember the amazing live performances on Top of the Pops? Sitting down in the evening with a drink, surrounded by your friends and family, and enjoying the live vocals of some of the world's most famous and talented artists? Before all of the talent shows came along, TOTP used to be music fanatics’ main music fix from the 1960's right up until the early 2000's! It's here that every band and soloist tried their hand at wowing the nation, and let's be honest, they didn't disappoint.


Stars in Their Eyes –1990's

Stars in Their Eyes became the first live talent show for members of the public wanting to break into the music industry by showing off their skills covering songs of their favourite, famous singer. Not only did a lot of them sound like the stars, but the show also gave them a quick time-lapse make-over so they look like the singers too!


Pop Idol – 2001

In 2001, Pop Idol became one of the biggest TV talent shows to hit the small screen. It gave everybody a chance to audition and perform in front of live audiences for their shot at stardom. For the first time, the general public didn't have to pretend to be one of their famous singers, this time they had the chance to show off their own style and their own cover versions of popular bands and singers and, we have to say, the show opened up new doors and new possibilities to people wanting to sing – and cry – their hearts out.


The X Factor – 2004

We know you've heard of Simon Cowell, and if you haven't, where have you been? The music producer not only created Pop Idol, but he also revamped it and created the much-loved, much-watched and very entertaining The X Factor. Once again, the public flock to the auditions in their hundreds, all anticipating and dreaming of a chance to be seen on TV and thrown into the music industry spotlight. The show is so popular, that it's still running, discovering some great vocal talents such as Leona Lewis and Little Mix.


Must Be the Music – 2010

Unfortunately Must be the Music didn't survive more than one series; The X Factor, had taken the nation by storm at this stage, though we couldn't help mentioning the musically talented TV show – a spin off from the popular Got to Dance. The TV show focused more on the level of talent on its stage, rather than the entertainment factor used by its TV rival. We have to say, although many of these artists performed covers, it really did cause a stir in the general population who sat up and paid attention to the music.


The Voice – 2010

The newest, and more popular talent show, The Voice was originally aired in Holland and made its way into other countries the following year. What took the nation by storm was the complete and absolute focus on the artist’s talent as a vocalist. With the judges’ backs turned, all attention is taken off the singer’s looks and attitudes, and focused solely on their ability to sing. This revolutionary talent show removed scandals and prejudice, forcing its audience to do as the judges do and listen.

Some great talent can come out of these shows, while others prefer to seek out stardom in other ways. We may not be on TV (yet) but our services are second-to-none, and with over 15 years of performing under our belts, you know we can perform and cover or tribute you want to make at your event. To see just how memorable our music can make your wedding, party, or even corporate event, simply contact us on 0845 094 1162 for more information.


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