Every now and then, a new song will come along that we just know is going to be a popular hit with Brides and Grooms. From romantic ballads to dancefloor numbers, there are certain songs that capture the attention of music-lovers the moment it’s released. We often hear a new release on the radio and know that it’s going to feature in our set list within a few months!

So, we’re going to be taking a look each month at the new releases and offer our predictions of which tunes are going to be top of the request list for the weddings we play over the coming months and beyond.

Taylor Swift – Gorgeous

Since the first song, Look What You Made Me Do, from Taylor’s new album dropped back in August, we’ve all been waiting to hear the other gems she has lined up. The latest release, Gorgeous, was released on 19th October and is significantly more upbeat than the first two releases! It truly looks like Taylor Swift can do no wrong.

In fact, we’re predicting that this will be a big hit at upcoming weddings, and it’s sure to get everyone on the dancefloor!

Selena Gomez ft. Marshmello – Wolves

This latest release from Selena Gomez is catchy from the very first listen! We’re sure there will be plenty of wedding guests waking up the next day with this going around their heads!

You won’t be able to help but get on the dancefloor when this song comes on, and the lyrics are pretty perfect for a wedding.

Kygo ft. John Newman – Never Let You Go

Kygo never fails to impress, and this collaboration with John Newman is no exception. Never Let You Go features a catchy beat and lyrics that are perfect for young couples about to start their new adventure together.

Just take a read of these sweet, romantic lyrics from the song:

“And I turn and hold you, as we watch the sunrise, ‘cause this is amazing, running wild with you.”

There are plenty of other songs that we expect to be making an appearance at our weddings over the coming months, and these are just a small selection of October releases. Whether you want something sweet and romantic for your first dance, or something upbeat and happy to get your guests on the dancefloor, October has plenty of tunes to offer!

As a wedding band based in London, we get the honour of playing for happy couples all over the world, and we love playing the latest hits as well as plenty of golden oldies!

If you would like to find out more about our band options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can give us a call on 01206 820212 or drop us an email at info@thetalentevents.com and we’ll be happy to discuss your big day with you!

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