As one of the top function bands in London  we get asked about a lot of songs, we have most of them, what with our collection of over 500 songs! We’ve noticed that wherever we go, there’s always a high chance we are going to get asked for the same covers of songs, which none of our clients and us can help but love.

So we thought we’d compile our favourites for you!

Okay, so the first song we’ve got on our list is one that people adore at weddings, it’s the one and only, Ed Sheeran, with Thinking Out Loud

Don’t you just want to gush over those dance moves? We’re sure that you’ve tried them in your bedroom! We’re sure, because we did!

Now then, we’ve heard it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic and its automatic could it be? It is The Grease Soundtrack!

The other week we went to a wedding and everyone there coupled up and did the shimmy back and forth to their other halves. It was amazing to watch and honestly a little magical!

We’re now going onto a genre that is completely on its own! Right onto the dance songs now, they’re in a whole other league...
Bring the dance moves on!

Oh! And...

Dare we let you forget?

We think that the songs we’ve mentioned so far are the ones that have so far spanned across generations. Everyone loves them! They can do the dances, sing badly to each other, or their hairbrushes depending on how many people there are!

These songs have lasted so long because of their dances or the cultural reaction to their release, whether they were a little hate-loved like Rick Astley and Chesney Hawkes or purely loved like Take That and ABBA. These songs and bands have become fixed in a small place in our hearts and we have to hear them no matter what during special occasions, whether that’s a Business/ Office Party, a Wedding, birthday or just a general Party!

We cover all of those functions, as your very own function band in London. If you want these songs and more from our collections of over 500 songs, please Contact Us today so we can set up making your party the one no guest that arrives will ever forget!

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