The night is winding down, the guests are starting to disperse and the feeling of the end descends upon everything. However, there’s still just enough time to create a lasting memory for all your guests to walk away with.

How do you ensure an event ends at its peak? How can you build the momentum for this final, monumental, moment?

Create Memories

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The end of an event can be the only thing that some people remember about a night. So, you have to make sure that you have a full plan for the night. Cramming all of the exciting moments of the night in at the beginning, or even the middle, can mean the end feels rather flat in comparison. Having an event order that can spread out the main points in the evening is the best option, it creates a natural flow throughout the night and does not exhaust you or your staff trying to make everything happen at once.

Peak Momentum

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A good night should consist of a build-up. It should start strong, then get even stronger as it progresses. Never start with your trump card, but at the same time don’t rush things in order to get to it. The peak should happen towards the end of the night; give people something to look forward to and something that they will want to stay for. The anticipation will build, your guests will get excited and when it does unfold it will be even more rewarding.

End on a High



You should leave your guests with the taste of an amazing evening. Much like the curtain bow at the end of a great performance, you want something that will create that last rush of excitement before they leave back to their homes for the evening. One last, amazing, performance from your live band can be just the ticket to create a long-lasting memory for your guests. It is also something that they will be talking about for weeks to come. An attention to detail, those personal touches put into making a spectacular event are what people remember and which you should strive to create.

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