It’s probably not a surprise to learn that top artists don’t always write their own chart-topping hits – after all, being able to sing and being able to write a song are two very different gifts. Even certain multi-talented artists who do write their own songs often give certain tracks to other artists who’d be able to do them more justice. All told, this means that sometimes you may be surprised to learn who wrote that favourite top hit...

Manic Monday by the Bangles – Written by Prince

The credits for this mid-80s hit say cryptically that it was written by “Christopher”, but this was actually none other than Prince himself, using the name of his character in the 1986 film “Under the Cherry Moon” as a pseudonym. (Nobody would have noticed this at the time – the film was noted only for how bad it was!) Rumour has it that he gave the hit to The Bangles hoping for unstated favours from Susanna Hoffs – whatever the reason, it became their first big hit, and if he didn’t get those favours, it didn’t stop him writing hits for other stars, too.

Get The Party Started by P!nk – Written by Linda Perry

The first hit from P!nk’s second album, Get The Party Started was a chart-topping, award-winning hit that’s become a signature track for her – it’s often been part of her encore in live shows. She didn’t write it herself, however. That honour goes to a certain lady by the name of Linda Perry, a prolific song writer who’s behind quite a lot of big hits...

Beautiful by Christina Aguilera – Also written by Linda Perry

Including this one, which is about as different to “Get The Party Started” as it’s possible to get. Like the P!nk hit however, it won awards, topped charts and became one of Christina’s signature songs. Linda Perry has also written for Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Kelly Osbourne, and many others.

Who’s Linda Perry? Well, you’ll probably recognise another of her songs, one she performed with her own band 4 Non Blondes...

Forget You by Cee-Lo Green – Written by Bruno Mars

And finally, this was probably the biggest hit of 2010, and while Cee-Lo Green’s multi-octave vocals certainly made it a song to remember, the writer behind the lyrics (both the radio appropriate and the... less so versions) was in fact retro showman Bruno Mars.

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