A one-hit wonder is the term that is generally used to describe musicians who have only had one truly recognisable hit song. It could be an artist who only released one song and then went away, or it could be one who has never been able to repeat the success of their first song. Whatever the case, it describes an artist who is only recognisable by one single successful song.

We’ve always been fascinated by this crazy phenomenon - why were these musicians only able to create the one hit single?

We’ve put together a guide to some of our favourite ‘one-hit wonders’.

Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy Breaky Heart  

Back before Miley Cyrus had even been born, there was another Cyrus who everyone couldn’t stop talking about. He made the audiences fall in love with him when he released a cover of the song ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ back in 1992.

It was his debut song and went straight into the top 10 in charts around the world. It was the first single to achieve triple platinum status in Australia and the first country single to become platinum in the USA.

Unfortunately, it was the only song of his to really take off - his following singles didn’t receive the same attention at all. He’s now definitely in the shadow of his daughter,

Los del Río - Macarena

We think that it would be a struggle to find someone who hasn’t heard of or listened to the Macarena. It’s one of them songs that is played at every family party until the end of time – it’s a very recognisable song.

Released in 1994, the song went on to have worldwide success. Unfortunately, the dance duo didn’t have the same luck and they could never recreate the success of their first single. We’re sure they’re still pretty happy with the fact that the Macarena is a song that is still played by DJs around the world today.

Chesney Hawkes: The One and Only

The One and Only may have been Chesney Hawkes one and only hit single but wasn’t it a brilliant one?

Released in 1991, the song spent five weeks at the number one spot on the UK singles chart in March and April of that year.

He was unable to follow up on the success of this single, which is why he earns his place on our greatest on-hit wonders list.

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