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Genre-Swapping: The Next Big Thing?

If there was a metal band on stage without a guitar in sight, you would think this slightly strange, right? If you were to go see a jazz concert and you couldn’t see a trumpet, a saxophone or even a … Continue reading

New Releases – The Best of November

We all love a good excuse for a party; the food, the party-wear and of course a good party tune! Here at The Talent we can’t quite resist a party ‘banger’ and have a bit of a weakness for the … Continue reading

The Return of the 90’s!

Trends come and go within everything; from fashion to film and even music.  90s tunes are making a big comeback at the moment, both originals and those with more modern twists on them, and The Talent have seen an incline … Continue reading

The Show Must Go On… The Talent and A Bomb Scare

We’re firm believers that the show must go on, and we had a chance to experience this first hand very recently…

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Planning A Wedding

Getting engaged is a truly exciting time in your life, and it’s only the beginning of things to come, the next step is planning your wedding! Though, the thrill of this event can result in you getting carried away with … Continue reading