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Morrocko-ing and Rolling: The Talent Goes to Marrakech!

As one of the most acccliamed wedding bands, we like to play to large receptions, small receptions, local weddings and weddings abroad! Recently, The Talent wedding band gathered together, along with our suitcases, sunglasses, our tried and tested repotoir of … Continue reading

The Show Must Go On… The Talent and A Bomb Scare

We’re firm believers that the show must go on, and we had a chance to experience this first hand very recently…

4 Top Tips to Plan a Stress-Free Wedding

When planning a wedding, it can be easy to feel both frustrated and stressed. With seemingly a million and one things to take into account, writing down what you need to plan is only the first step. When you have … Continue reading

Put a Ring on it: French Proposals

Where better to say ‘I do’ or ‘oui’ than in land of romance itself? France is home to an array of picturesque destinations where you can seal the deal in style. These luxurious locations range from the blankets of sandy … Continue reading

Around the World in a Blog: International Wedding Band Music – Part 2

Music is a magical thing that embraces the differences between people and it can also bring people together. Weddings are also an event that brings people together for a glorious occasion where music is used to celebrate the love of … Continue reading