As one of the top party bands in London, we’re here to make your event run smoothly – and that’s why we’ve compiled this ultimate list of tips for choosing the songs that will make your event go off with a real bang! In part one, we looked at a couple of the different types of music which should be included in your playlist if you want to get every generation excited and up on the dance floor.

Now it’s time to look at a couple more, this time with an eye to pleasing both you and your partner. After all, you want your wedding to represent the happy union of both personalities!

Get Rocking (Just Not Too Heavy!)

If one of you is a hard rocker and the other is much happier chart music or any other genre, then the clash of tastes can lead to some difficult decisions. Go too heavy with the rock ‘n’ roll and you risk isolating a whole section of the audience – however skip over it entirely and one of you will end up with a playlist that isn’t getting you excited.

It is your wedding, so if the fancy takes you then you should definitely go for a couple of rock classics. The key is to know which songs are also popular with a wider audience; something like Queen’s ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ is popular enough to be a hit with everyone on the dance floor, while a track such as ‘Blister in the Sun’ takes things a little edgier whilst still ensuring that the whole playlist is upbeat.

Stir Up Some Romance with Slower Tracks


Across both parts of this series we’ve emphasized how important it is to get people moving, but don’t forget that a wedding is a time for romance – both for you, and for the couples who attend as guests. A few slower tracks give people the chance to dance arm and arm with the person they love, and nothing could be more appropriate on your wedding day!

Of course, that doesn’t mean that any slow track will do; you don’t want to play anything that will bring the mood down or drain energy from the room. Try ‘God Only Knows’ by the Beach Boys or ‘In My Life by The Beatles for something which is tried, tested and sure to get romantic vibes filling the room.

Ultimately it’s your big day, so make sure there are some tracks that are important to you and your fiancé: if there’s a song which you think of as your song then it’s essential no matter what the style or genre! By working with your wedding band – the experts – you can ensure that the rest of the playlist is filled with nothing but the best. Contact us today to find out how we can bring the best music to your wedding; you can get in touch online or call us at 0845 094 1162.

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