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New Releases – The Best of December

December, the month of festivities and Christmas songs played repeatedly. It’s nearly impossible to walk out of your house and not hear a Christmas song played anywhere. However, believe it or not, there are some songs released in December which … Continue reading

5 Top Tips to Choose the Right Band for Your Event

Music can make or break an event, as it provides with engaging entertainment for your audience. You might, however, be wondering about how you choose the right band for your event – there are, after all, several factors to consider. … Continue reading

Spotlight on: The Talent’s Events

We love to play music all over the world. As a versatile and popular band, we get to play at lots of different events, whether it is for a wedding, or for a large event; we’ve seen it all. However, … Continue reading

How to Plan the Perfect Autumn Corporate Event

With summer well and truly over, having something to look forward to can boost your motivation as autumn gets underway. If you’re planning a corporate function this autumn, make sure you wow your clients or employees with a memorable event … Continue reading

Top Things to go Wrong When Planning an Event

As you’d imagine, planning an event isn’t all that easy. We may think that we have everything on track, but all it can take is that one rogue aspect that we didn’t think about to ruin the planning flow and … Continue reading