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Events You Should Hire A Band For

When it comes to finding entertainment for an event you’re planning, we think there is only really one route to go down – a live band.

Your Corporate Party Checklist

Have you been tasked with organising the next event for your company and want everything to run as smoothly as possible?! As a company who are in charge of supplying party bands to events across the world, we know the … Continue reading

How to Pay For Your Corporate Party

Memorable corporate events don’t just happen. A lot of planning and work goes into them, and no matter how long you have to organise it, it’s important that the details are all taken care of. A conference, a party, a … Continue reading

7 Ways to Make Your Corporate Event Memorable

A lot of people tend to avoid attending corporate events unless they definitely have to. This is because many have the image of lots of business people standing around, awkwardly trying to make conversation with each other.

How to Break the Ice at a Corporate Party

Corporate entertainment is a great way for businesses to get a little publicity and impress prospective clients, and it also allows employees to make new contacts and socialise with their co-workers in order to get to know them better outside … Continue reading